Ertiga by Maruti Suzuki.

Ertiga by Maruti Suzuki limited is a great blend of a car and MUV. Ertiga is designed to entice the great Indian middle class. It’s got the space of a MUV, the handling of a car, and efficiency of a camel! What more can one ask for? LUV anyone? We explore this Maruti Suzuki miracle with all its ups, downs, pros and cons, on this Unofficial web site dedicated to Ertiga. (yes this is the unofficial Ertiga page without any relationship to Maruti Suzuki. We bring you Ertiga news, Prices, Specs, colors, variants, and all you can research and all you need to know.. so read it all before you buy!

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Ertiga review, specs & more…

Ertiga by maruti suzuki, maruti suzuki ertiga review

Price, costs, accessories & more…

Ertiga accessories, price, costs, insurance and maruti suzuki ertiga details

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ertiga comparison with innova enjoy

  • Ertiga V/S Innova.. (avail soon)
  • V/S Chevrolet Enjoy.. (avail soon)
  • V/S Mahindra Quanto.. (avail soon)
  • V/S Nissan evalia..(avail soon)


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